Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sorry Guys

So there has not been any new blogs this week. It is my ehhhhhhhm monthly. Some girls will stuff cotton wool up "there", but I prefer to work an extra day in the other weeks and take this time off.

I bought a new car on Monday. Nothing flashy, just a Ford Fiesta....but she is my new baby. The trouble is I have to hide it from my mother when I visit as she will want to know how a part time barmaid can afford a brand new car. OK my cover story is not great lol.

I go back to work at the hotel tomorrow, so normal service will resume

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It is so nice to have a day off today. Though I am being very lazy. The weather is lovely, and I went for a walk earlier, but deep down I want to sit around in my PJs and watch crap TV.

Yesterday I was working the hotel. Now for me, my Saturday night really ends at around midday Sunday. I stay over at the hotel, and now tend to do a few clients before leaving.

I was talking to the concierge yesterday, and he was saying that it will be getting really busy soon. It will be the start of the wedding season. I could not see the logic as most people go wedding as couples. I can not see a horde of horny men dashing out of the reception for a quick screw....but hey he has been there a while.

This client booked me yesterday and I called at his room. I was surprised to see two guys there. They were very well dressed Germans over here on a coach trip. I guess they have decided to add hookers as part of their intinary. I tried to keep my composure and stated that my rate would be higher than I quoted as it was two of them. The guy that booked me, did not bat an eyelid and just went to his wallet and took the extra money out.  This was an hour booking, so I suggested a shared shower. Thankfully it was one of the premier rooms and the showers fitted 3 easily. As the water poured over us, I slid down one of the guys body and took his cock in my mouth as my hand stretched back and took the other guy's cock.

I have no idea what they was saying to each other when I was in the shower with them, I do not speak languages and just hoped it was nothing too bad lol. The three of us dried each other off before we went into the bedroom. Still naked I crawled onto the bed, and the taller German joined me. In perfect English he told me they wanted a "spit roast". To be honest I was quite pleased, as I was a little sore and did not want double entry, or even screw them one by one. As I stroked the thigh of the taller one, I took the doggy position, and the shorter one moved in place, and I started to lick and kiss his shaft. The other guy fingered me for a while before entering with his cock. I took the other shorter guys cock in my mouth as he steadied my bouncing tits with his hands. I tried to keep the sucking in time with the pounding, but the tall guy was pounding me very fast. Thanfully he started to slow down as I sucked harder on the cock. The shorter guy came first, and I could not move my hands to clear the cum off my chin as they were steadying me as I was still being fucked. The "relieved" guy came around the side and caressed and kissed my body. Finally his friend finally came, and slumped onto his bed. His condom almost full to the brink.

At times like this I wish I could just lay their a while, but all I could think of was "shit, my hair is still wet, and I have an other booking in 30 mins". I quickly got dressed, leaving my stockings off, kissed them both and went to leave, just glancing back to see the wet, messy, cum soaked sheets. Thank god it is their room lol.

I had to dash to my bedroom and tried to dry my hair as quickly as possible. Putting a new pair of stockings on, my hair still a little damp, I was ready for the next client. When I go to a new room, I want to give the impression that I have taken my time to make myself look good for them, the last thing I want is to have that "just fucked" look. When I looked in the mirror, I smiled...7/10....scraped a pass, and my high heeled feet travelled down that hotel corridor again.

Just a note on Sunday. I would like to thank everyone that has taken time to read my ramblings. I may not know you, I may have screwed you in the brothel, but I do appreciate it.

Have a great week, and keep reading. As always, if you have anything you want to know, drop me an email on Oh before I forget, my website should be finished by next week

Take care my darlings


Friday, 8 April 2011

Wasn't I in a whiney mood yesterday lol.

The weather is beautiful here today, I am not working till tonight so I will be able to enjoy the weather for once. I am working at the hotel tonight, and yesterday I went shopping to add to my working wardrobe. The "went" bit actually overstates the effort, I should say; "sat on my ass and ordered off the net".

I will post a couple of the purchases here of what I bought

For the Brothel

For Out Calls

In my mini poll, (not many responses, bad boys), people seem to like me talking about my experiences and clients.

This week I have had a real mixture of clients, and have started to get some real regulars. Regulars are the life blood of the hooker, as they can be a blessing on a quiet day.

One of my regulars nows always brings a small gift for me. It is normally something he wants me to wear, or a perfume. Now I am very organised with gifts, (to the point of being anal). I will label them, and keep a small record of who bought me the presents in my diary. This is not to keep track of those that buy me gifts, but to allow me to wear what was bought the next time the client comes in. Receiving gifts can be wonderful, and the way I can repay the giver is to show it is appreciated and actually used. Last week this client bought me a pair of red opaque stockings, (which is not something I would wear) and some Calvin Klein Euphoria perfume.

As I knew he had booked for 3 O'clock, I made sure I was wearing both before he arrived. I think he was warmed knowing that I was wearing what he bought for me.

Sex with a regular can be different to sex with a random. After a shortwhile you get to know their needs, and their desires. However,  I like to push them a bit. I like to introduce things they may not have tried before. This is for two reasons. Firstly, some live with wives, and if they do get sex it tends to be the straight missionary position. I have already said that there are many reasons a man uses a prostitute, and one of them is because their partners are not interested in their desires. The second reason is more selfish. If I just do what they always do, then I run the risk of the sessions becoming boring. A bored client will soon go to another hooker. All is all about client retention, no matter what business you are in.

There is a thin line with a regular. You do want to be more personal with them, and tend to be more friendlier, however you have to be careful that the client remembers at the end that this is a proffesional relationship, and I am only really in his company, and having sex with him because he is paying. It is an old saying but it is true, "a client does not pay a hooker for sex, he pays her to leave afterwards". Another potential problem with a regular is they can start expecting special treatment. They may want that extra 5 minutes at the end. We are not mean with time, and if it is empty in reception, we will not rush out of the room, but if you give that extra 5 minutes when it is quiet, you have to give it when it is busy. This can lead to other customers waiting to long.The last thing you want is to have to say "sorry you really have to go, I have another man waiting to fuck me". Clients know we are prostitutes, and know we have sex with a number of men over the course of the day, but they do not like the reality spelt out to them.

How do you get a regular? Well I hate to say it, but most of it is out of the girl's hands. Yes of course, if they feel relaxed with you, like your physical appearance, and sexually satisfy them, then that goes in your favour, but the initial phase is more random than that. It really does come down to what hooker he first sees. Unless she is the hooker from hell, the client will end up feeling comfortable with her. He will probably not want the stress, (and yes many men do stress out about seeing a prostitute), of having to go through all the introductions again.

Of course there is the opposite end. These are the clients that see a brothel like a candy shop, and want to try all the "sweets". We had one guy two weeks ago that had a week off work. He came in and wanted a different girl each day. I guess it was a role reversal. When it as my turn to go with him, it was like I was having sex with a male ho lol. It is usually the hooker that has had sex with 8 clients, not the client that has had sex with 8 hookers.

OK my darlings. I am going out to enjoy some of this sun.

Be good, and if you can not be good....don't get caught


Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Thin Line

I was chatting online about this, and thought it would be good to share this with you lovely guys.

Now and then, me and one of the other girls will go over to the local pub. As I mentioned before, I always go casual, and not dressed like a hooker. There is a group of guys we normally chat to. Anyway, last week I had a booking for a guy who had asked for me personally. I did not think much of it. However when he turned up, it was one of the guys from the pub. Now I know my job, and I know what that entails, but it just felt uncomfortable going with someone I have had a few drinks with...and charging them for sex. I mentioned to the receptionist I felt uncomfortable, and was told more or less to "suck it up". It seems we can only refuse a client if they have been offensive before, or smells.

So I went in and "done my job". Despite averaging around 10 customers a day, I felt self-conscious being naked in his presence. Of course I was a pro, and done what was needed. But it felt wrong, it felt bad. I know I am a prostitute, but have never had that feeling of sleaziness, or shame in my proffesion. This made me feel cheap, and hit home what I am doing.

A hooker/ client relationship is not like a loving relationship. There are obligations on the hooker to be discreet, but none on the client. The thought of him telling everyone I know in the pub what he had done with/to me gave me a real bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Despite this, I was not going to let this defeat me. The following night, I walked in the pub as if nothing happened, but we did not sit with this group of guys.

Earlier this week we went to a different pub, and boy does news travel. No one knew about the guy from the other pub, but they did know we were the "brasses from the local knocking shop". (Translation for non London people - Hookers from the local brothel).

We had a few "looking for business girls?", but we ignored it. Later one guy approached us and asked if either of us would give him a BJ in the bathroom for £xx. Whilst it was higher than our usual rate, we declined.

Whilst Pretty Woman is as much to do about real prostitution as Bambi is, I do remember the line where Richard Gere says to Julia Roberts that he had never treated her like a prostitute, and she says, "You just Did?". I think these two episodes really hit home to me what I am doing.

Now do not get me wrong, I am not sitting here crying over my choices. I am still happy with what I am doing. It just highlights that being a prostitute can be just as much a lifestyle as it is a mere job. If you was an accountant, you would not go to the bar and expect someone to throw a load of paper on their table and ask them to do a Tax Return, but people think it is fine to ask a hooker for sex in the toilet.

Knowing this empowers me. I am now alert to people when I am in bars. I am open about what I am, but make it clear that I am off duty.

Sorry guys that there was no blog yesterday, I was so manic at work. Yesterday was like a tick list of prostitution.

Blow Job - Check
Full Sex - Check
Anal - Check
GFE - Check
Submissive Sex - Check
Domination Sex - Check
Masturbation - Check

What is it with Wednesdays? Do people get a midweek horn? It always seems to be busy. There has been a bit of a bug going around, and some of the girls have been ill. This is why I am doing more days at the brothel than normal. However I am getting a reputation for being reliable, which in my game is very important.

To me the girls that are unreliable are being selfish. We have one that is constantly calling in at the last moment to say she can not work. This either means that the receptionist is rushing around to find someone to cover, or the other poor girl has to work the whole shift on her own. I have now had to do this twice, and trust me it is not fun. I call days like this "the conveyor belt". There is not time to do much else.

Oh well I am off for most of next week due to my period. I am not stuffing myself full of cotton wool just to work. I have made enough this week to take a break.

Ehm let me tell you a bit about my submissive sex client. He is fairly regular, and is a man in his 40s with a gentle highlight of grey in his short dark hair.

He likes me to wear white lingerie and stockings and a black leather dog collar. He bought it for me itself, and it has "Slave Summer" etched onto a metal tag.

He will go into the room before me, I will knock and he will summon me in. I kneel and look to the floor, (google Gor or Gorian like I did to see the expected "slave" posture). He raises my head, and I say "Good Morning Master". It is all roleplay, he does not really own me. He likes to act out a slave auction and I undress and stand their naked so he can inspect his "purchase". I am not to keen on this part, as I feel so vulnerable. When he has finished, he commands me to kneel and suck his cock. I respond to every command with "Yes Master". He will then tie my wrists behind my back, which can be uncomfortable, and fucks me on the bed.

Sometimes I find this roleplay sensual, yesterday I just kept drifting off as I was thinking about the client that had booked me more or less straight after.

I will try to add a little bit later, but I have to get ready for another day


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

United Nations

Just a quick blog. It is great that my ramblings are being viewed around the world. Here are the top 10 countries for viewings.

United States

United Kingdom





New Zealand



I have others from the Saudi Arabia, Holland and other countries.

When I see that, it makes me want to bore you all more with my life lol

A Day in the Life

I thought it would make a change to actually keep a diary of the course of yesterday and post it here.


Wake up. My hair is a complete mess. I do not even wait for a coffee, I jump straight into the shower.


Finally get a well needed cup of coffee as I dry my hair. I notice in my mirror that I am a little blotchy today. I will have to use a little more concealer and foundation. I check the various sites I am on, namely Facebook, EP and Twitter. I also not that there were a good number of hits on this page. So thanks guys.

I answer my messages. I try to answer all messages sent. Sometimes it is hard when you just get a message with a couple of words. I have the keyboard equivelent of verbal diarrhea.

Another cup of coffee as I paint my nails.


Time to get ready. I tend now to go very casual to work. Today I am just wearing sweatpants, a Nike tracksuit top, and sneakers/trainers. Even though my skin is blotchy, I just go out in a little lip gloss and mascara.


Head off to the station, I can not wait to get a car. I stop off in my local bakers to get a croissant for the train journey. It is quite a long walk to the station, but I find it clears m head

10:00am ish

Get on the train. Thankfully I am going away from the city and rush hour is over. I get a seat and read a book on my iPad, (Mennonite in a Black Dress).


Get off train and walk briskly to the house. The house is above a shop and you only access it from the back. I see one of the neighbours and she knows me now. We have a quick chat and then I climb the stairs to the house.

I sit in the kitchen talking to the receptionist whilst she makes us both a coffee. It is strange that we do not talk about work until I have changed. It is like I am two different people lol.


Time to get changed. I leave all my work clothes and makeup at the house, and I pick out my black teddy, and black thong. I decide to wear black sheer stockings and note that I am running low of stockings. I also decide to wear the transparent mules. I am pretty much a graphic person, so it is easier to explain these shoes by showing a pic, as a few people have asked what I mean.

I plaster, and yes I mean plaster on the makeup, as I want my skin to look smooth as it can even though it is more to do with Clarins than natural beauty. I always use a lip pencil to outline the lip and give the lips a bit volume.

I brush my hair and Summer the hooker is good to go.

The brothel is not open till 12, but they prefer you to get their early so you are not rushing to get ready. Also it gives time for the receptionist to go through bookings with the girls. This includes any information about the client from previous visits. Is he rough? What does he like> etc etc. I have 3 booked appointments spread out over the day. One is a regular. I have only been here a few weeks, but this will be the fourth time he has visited me. One of the other bookings picked me from the website details, and the other booked me from the receptionists phone description.

I fire up my iPad and check messages again, responding where I can.

Then I get my bedroom organised. Although there is a cleaner, it is the girls responsibility to ensure that it is clean and stocked with the tools of the trade. This includes wipes, cotton buds, massage oil, condoms. I always spray some perfume around in the room to give it a more womanly feel.

I have my final cup of the coffee, and we wait for place to open.

12:00 noon

Perhaps you imagine a line of people all waiting for the doors to be unlocked. In truth we rarely get anyone in when it first opens. You do get the odd businessmen wanting a "quickie" in their lunch break, but day it is slow. They have finally redecorated the lounge, so I can sit on the couch and play on my iPad. I am working with Christina today. A single parent who has been working since she left school. She is only 21 now, but she has been a hooker for nearly 5 years.

She joins me in the lounge and we chat for a bit. I have said this a few times, but I am still not use sitting in a room chatting to another girl when we are both half naked lol.


The bell rings for the first time. I am half way through reading a message on the iPad, but I slip my mules back on, check my make up and wait for the client to enter the reception area. We do our introductions to him in the bedroom and he chooses Christina. Back to the lounge for me.


Christina returns as the client leaves. Trust me, where rarely talk about clients unless they were a bit wierd or too demanding.


Another client, this one picks me. Typical he pics me just before my 2 oclock appointment. This means I will have a "back to backer". Pretty routine sex with this client, nothing really to report apart from he had a huge mole on his ass cheek. After I have a real  quick clean up before my booking is shown into the room. This is the one that booked on the basis of the receptionists description. Thankfully he was not dissapointed.

This client liked sex standing up, so I was fucked as I bent over the dressing table.


Another lull. I wish I had a proper breakfast as I am so hungry. Thankfully the receptionist goes out to get some sandwiches for Christina and me. Christina mans the phones. I grab the "house" coat and go outside for a quick smoke.


My second booking arrives early and before I had a chance to eat. He is my regular, so I kissed him on the cheek and chatted with him as he got undressed. He like a blowjob till he cums and rarely has regular sex. He has trouble getting hard, and when he is finally hard takes him a while to cum. My jaw ends up really aching after a visit from him


Sit down to finally eat my lunch. I get through half when the bell rings, I let out a loud grrrrrr. He goes and picks me despite me trying to pass off negative vibes. A 30 min regular sex.


Do not even bother with the sandwich as I have my final booking at 4:30. This was one wierd looking guy. He had the skinniest legs possible, but the biggest of beer bellies. I stood wondering how he did not topple over. I made the unilateral decision that I was going on top for this one. He also had one of the wierdest sex faces I had scene.


A bit of a break before the rush starts. No matter what day of the week, it always gets busy after 5:30. It must be the boredom of offices and building sites that men need to have sex with a hooker after their day has finished. I have another smoke, and a glass of diet coke.


As if by clockwork, 2 clients come into the house at once. They are taken to seperate bedrooms and basically told who they are having.


I walk out of the bedroom and then turn to go straight back in. There was actually 3 guys waiting there this time.

Might as well skip to


Four clients in just over 2 hours. I am sure you are keeping count lol. Two were lonnnng fuckers lol. They both nearly ran out of time. One was a BJ only and one could not get hard. This guy I think has what I call "condom limpness". He was perfectly hard right up until the point I put the condom on. He did not want a hand or blow job as he seemed really down over it.


Another lineup another introduction. He chooses me for a half hour deluxe. I have to be honest, I am a little sore and tired by now. I try to lead him so that I can go on top. That way I can control the speed of the intercourse more. But he is not having and fucks me pretty hard. I try to erase the soreness from my head, but it is hard when my head is bouncing against the bed's headboard.


We do not close till 10pm, but is clear nobody is now coming. We do have the odd asshole coming in at 9:55 which means one of the girls works later. However thankfully not today.


Door shut, phone switched to answer machine. I am so tired that I do not want to get up off the couch. I do eventually get the energy and get up and go to the bedroom to get changed. I look at the bed and always think of the men that have fucked me on it lol. As I take off my make up. Christina asks if I want to go for a drink. No matter how tired I am, I will never refuse a drink.


Thankfully the pub is open till midnight. We get in there and see a couple of guys we have got to know. They know we are prostitutes, but also know not to ask about clients or work. We join them for a drink, well they are paying lol. Out of the corner of my eye I see a guy that had picked me earlier. He was looking at me with that "I know you from somewhere" look. He probably does not recognise the girl in the sweat pants, hair in a loose bun, and no make up. I am hardly going to go over and go "remember me, you paid me to fuck you earlier, do you remember these eyes from when I had your cock in my mouth?"


I leave the pub and decide to get a cab home. I made pretty good money, and I do not like being on the trains late at night. The driver's English did not extend much beyond "Where to" and "Hello". So I just gazed at the night sky through the window


Finally home. Did not even check for mail, just started to run a nice foamy bath. I poured myself a large glass of wine, and then soaked the day away.

I check messages and chat online for a while before going to bed and just passing out. My day will start all over again tomorrow.